Important Questions

Important Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer



-What photography professional associations are you a member of ?

- I believe that this is a sign of the professionalism of a photographer. I continue learning and giving back to the profession and help younger, beginning photographers grow. This is part of being a "professional". I am member of a number of professional associations and participate actively in running them.


-What professional education do you participate in ?

- I usually attend a seminar each month, and try to fit in a one week-long workshop/class or an annual convention of education, as often as I can. I continue to grow and keep from becoming stale. This way I offer my clients the latest in techniques and creative ideas.


-What new ideas have you implemented in the last year ? 2 years ? 5 years ?

- I update my skills and techniques continuously and am offering things like "Romantic Minatures", "Photo Impressionism", "Photostones", that weren't available 5 years ago. I currently am developing and testing new techniques which will enter my sample books soon.


-How long after our wedding will it be before we our completed wedding album is ready and how much of our time will it take ?

- We will have your wedding images available at the studio for viewing about 2-3 weeks after your wedding. We will assist you in choosing the images for your album(s). The design for your wedding album will be available for your approval in about 12 weeks (depending on albums selected). You can help with the design or leave it all to us, depending on the albums that you select. Once you approve the design, it takes about a month to produce the album and a week to ship it to us from Australia.

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