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Thank you for requesting information on my Artistic Impressions wedding services. I provide custom wedding services for the bride and groom who are looking for something more artistic, more natural, and more original than standard, traditional wedding photography.

My clients put high priority on preserving their wedding day memories in photographs in the form of a wedding story. I strive hard to provide a service and product which are unique yet reasonably priced.

I choose to photograph only a dozen or so weddings each year. I do this to keep my approach fresh and exciting. I use a wide variety of photographic tools and techniques to capture and express the emotions present on your special day.

I specialize in Occidental and West Sonoma County weddings.


What's Different About John G. Blair Photography?

A potential wedding client asked me this recently and this was my response: "The photographer is the one person who is with you the entire day. I am very experienced at helping to handle all of the unusual things that happen at weddings to help keep them on track. As an example, at a recent wedding I photographed, one of the bridesmaids picked up her dress and didn't try it on until the day of the wedding. It was two sizes too big. I was there photographing the bride getting ready. Even with all of the women there (bride's mom, grandmother, bridesmaids etc), no one could help. Because of my fashion experience I was able to refit the dress to her with a few safety pins and made it look nice without the pins showing. I do this kind of thing all of the time to make sure the wedding goes smoothly. I have created bridal bouquets in an emergency, rescued stranded brides and grooms when the limo didn't show up, acted as a wedding coordinator, intervened with the caterer so the bride didn't have to get upset, dressed brides when their bridal gowns wouldn't go over their hairdos, redid bridal makeup in the hot sun, provided wedding garters to brides who forgot them, answered hundreds (thousands?) of questions on wedding etiquette and its variations, helped clean up wedding cake off the dance floor (no it wasn't me that dropped the cake), taught an inexperienced DJ how to run a wedding reception, danced with the bride when she was left on the dance floor in the middle of a song, dried more than a few tears, and pinned on many corsages. I don't get rattled easily and see my job as making sure everyone has a good time and your wedding turns out fabulous."

Another difference is that about 12 weeks after your wedding (depending on the albums selected), you will have your wedding album design available for your approval. No more lugging around a box of loose preview prints. Your won't have to wait a year or two to show everyone.

I offer the latest cutting edge albums from New Zealand and Australia which are library-bound like a book or magazine. These have to be seen to be appreciated. I also offer traditional, American made albums.

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