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Questions to ask wedding photographers

I compiled this list with some help of some of my professional photographer friends as a way to help clients ask the right questions before selecting a professional wedding photographer. I believe in helping clients choose the best photographer, even if I am not the right one. I welcome your questions. If you have specific question about my services, phoning me is the best way to reach me. I will usually have numerous questions and emailing back and forth will take too long. If you have general questions about selecting a wedding photographer, emailing me will be the most efficient and quickest way to reach me. 


How long have they been a professional photographer?

Are they a full time or part time photographer?

How long have they been photographing weddings?

How did they learn photography?

What is their educational background?

Do they participate in local, state, or national organizations?

How often do they update their skills by attending seminars, lectures, and classes?

What new ideas have they implemented in the last year? 2 years? 5 years?


How many different lenses do they use?

How much back up equipment do they have?

What kind? Same or lesser quality?

How do their photographs in the albums look?

How do their wall portraits look?

Do they have rich color? Are they sharp?

Do they have good composition and design?

Is your photographer the creator of these images?

Do the people look relaxed?

Do the candids capture the emotions of the day?

Are the samples from your kind of wedding ?

Do they offer a selection of high quality albums? Framing?

What other products do they offer?

How do they show you the wedding photographs after the wedding?

Do you have to help the photographer design the album or will he do it?

What styles can the photographer work in? Traditional? Photojournalistic? Artistic? A combination?


How do they come prepared to solve problems?

How do they help coordinate your day?

Can you meet the photographer before the day of your wedding?

Do you like the photographer?

Can you reserve a specific photographer?

Is an engagement portrait session included in your package?

Formal studio portrait? Romantic boudoir/glamour portrait?

Do they have a studio for the formal portraits?

Can they work on location?

Are they convenient and easy to work with?

How soon do you see your previews?

How soon do you receive your final albums?


Type of pricing plan?

How many packages and price range?

What is included for the price (time / images / etc)?

How much is the per hour charge or photo fee?

How much is additional time?

How much are the 8x10's? 5x7's? 4x5's?

How many photographs are taken?

Is there a difference in price for extra photographs?

Is their product worth the price?

Can you get what you want?

What is the price range for albums?

Do they have payment plans? Visa/Mastercard?

What is the payment required to reserve the day?

What is the payment required to change the date?

Compiled with the assistance of the San Fernando Valley Professional Photographers

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