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If you are a model looking for information, I am happy to answer your questions as best as I can. Read the information at the links below before you contact me. Most of your questions will be answered. I prefer to be contacted by email rather than by phone due to my busy schedule. I usually answer emails right away,or at least within a day, even when I am traveling.

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Getting Started in Modeling

So how do you get started in Modeling? That is the number one question that I get asked. I have lots of suggestions for you in my "Step-By-Step Guide to Getting Started in Modeling" page. It will lead you by the hand and outline the steps that have worked for thousands of models for many, many years. It is based on my experiences in working with models and interviews with hundreds of successful and not-so successful models. Learn from other models so that you don't have to make their mistakes.

Suggested Reading List

There are so many books out there on modeling. Which ones do you believe and which are a help? I have in my library, nearly every modeling book published in the last 25 years. I have read most of them as well. I have my own suggestions of the best of these which you can find on my "Suggested Reading List for Models and Actors". Check here to see the number one book I recommend that every model and actor read before going out into the world. Learn how to deal with difficult and perhaps dangerous situations.

Working with John G. Blair

If you are interested in being involved with any of my projects, then you should visit this page "Working With John G. Blair Studio" to find out about my current projects and how to get involved with them.

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