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I am always interested in meeting new models in Northern California.

I use models for:


  • Photography books that I am writing. I have four digital photography books out (Look for "John G Blair" on Amazon) and will soon be working on my next one. In exchange for posing, the models will receive a copy of the book when it is published as well as the usual CD of the best images. I am looking for "the woman next door", late 20's to late 40's, "regular" women rather than models with perfect figures. I will be looking for a variety of different ethnic groups. If you are interested, please email me with your details and any questions.
  • Class and seminar demonstration models
  • Updating my portfolio and website
  • Testing new equipment and new techniques
  • Personal projects of various kinds


Please contact me by email me with your statistics (age, height, weight, measurements, hair color, etc), the kinds of modeling you are interested in, and your website address. I want models to be local to Northern California (preferably Sonoma County) because there is rarely a travel budget.


I am updating my portfolio and website with new images in the redwoods at our studio. Sample images I am looking to create are:

  • outdoor glamour portraits in the trees
  • boudoir sample images also outdoors
  • Sexy firefighter portraits (I am a volunteer firefighter and own my own fire equipment and fire engine to use as props).
  • artistic figure studies in some burned out stumps and redwood logs here at the studio.


If you are interested in exchanging time for a CD of the best images, please contact me.

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