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We offer a number of different custom boudoir photography sessions. The prices vary depending on when you are photographed (weekdays are less expensive) and the number of outfits, sets, backgrounds, and poses you'd like. We offer albums, folios, and calendars. Images may also be purchased individually. The sessions may be done in our studio or outdoors in our outdoor studio that includes redwoods, burned out tree stumps, and a beautiful view. We can also create your images at your home or your favorite location.

My work is known for it's unusual, artistic qualities. I suggest we schedule a complimentary consultation at my studio in Occidental, so we can meet and you can see my work. Only in that way can you evaluate whether I will be the right photographer for you. Please call or email me to setup an appointment. Evening and weekend appointments are available. We are closed Mondays and holidays. The following is an information sheet that we give you when you come for your consultation. It also answers many questions that you might have in advance.

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Boudoir Session Information


Thank you for inviting us to create your sensual boudoir portrait. Here are a few tips to help you get the most from your session.

Your makeup

-Plan on doing your makeup before you arrive. If for some reason you need to put it on here (you are coming from work for example), you can make special arrangements to arrive early and put it on in our makeup area at the studio. Since studio time can be booked tightly at times, this is definitely something to setup in advance.

-Be sure to put on makeup as if you are going out for a fancy evening. It is generally much heavier than your usual "look", and will usually appear light and natural under the studio lighting.

-We will help you touch it up in the studio and make small corrections before we start the photography.

Travel Clothing

Wear loose fitting clothing. Tight elastic like panties, bras, panty hose, and socks will leave clothing marks that will show in the photograph. We recommend arriving in clothing like a loose sundress, or old sweats (without elastic waist bands).


We have many different outfits available in our studio. Our costumes include period pieces, lingerie from "mild to wild", sexy dresses, swimsuits, and many types of fabric for wrapping or draping. We also suggest that you bring any pieces which have special romantic or sentimental meaning to you (or your significant other). These could include items like sports or military uniforms. Bring the tallest heels that you have in a variety of colors (black, white, and red for example).


Be sure to bring matching jewelry, shoes, and accessories for any outfits. Like the clothing, bring any props which have special meaning. Examples might include special jewelry received as gifts, sports equipment, or unusual accessories. If these photographs are for somebody special, think about their likes and dislikes and hobbies for ideas on what to bring.


We generally play music during our sessions when we work indoors. If you have some favorite CD's or cassettes, please feel free to bring them along to include. We find that soft, mellow music works best in most cases.

Other Preparations

Be sure to shave your legs and under your arms and around your bikini line if necessary about 12 hours before the photography session. If you wait until just before, you may have red marks on your body or fresh nicks and scratches which will show in the photographs.

Viewing your images

You will view the images on our computer monitor. We usually schedule a viewing session a few days after the photography. This gives us time to edit and make some minor adjustments. Arrangements can be made in advance to view the images the same day if you are coming from several hours or more away. The final images are usually available within 2 weeks (for smaller images) or sooner on a rush basis. It takes about 4 weeks for images larger than 11 x 14. depending on session selected. Holidays may cause slight delays. Faster turnaround is available at an additional charge.


Due to the softness of the images, the posing, and costuming our clients do not generally request retouching. A simple blemish here or there is retouched at no charge. More extensive retouching is available for an nominal charge if desired. More extensive retouching can add to the amount of time needed for the final images to be ready.

Payment and Policies

We ask that you pay for your session creative fee at the time you make your appointment so we may reserve the date and time just for you. The creative fee helps to cover the costs associated in creating the portraits for you. The portraits themselves are priced separately. On the day of your session, we will collect any minimum purchase amount still due. Since all of the portraits are custom created just for you, we also ask that you pay for the portraits at the time you place your order. We accept cash, checks, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. California sales tax will be added to all prices. All negatives and digital files remain the copyrighted property of John G. Blair Studio and cannot be reproduced in any manner without our written permission. We keep them on file so that you may easily place reorders in the future.


We respect your privacy. We never show your photographs to anyone outside of our staff without your permission. The subjects in all of the sample portraits you see at our studio and online have given us permission to show the portraits to others. We appreciate the trust they have shown to enable to demonstrate our skills and art to you. Please advise us how you feel about this, either way, so that we may make a notation on your file.

Other questions

Please feel free to call or email us if you have any questions before your sessions. We want you to be totally prepared so that you can relax and enjoy the session.


We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express

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