A Boy and His Dog

Pebbles - In Memoriam

2/14/93 to 2/5/08

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For nearly 15 years, Pebbles greeted and helped every client to our studio. For the last few months, her health had been declining due to her advanced age. The average age that German Shepherds live to is only 12 years and Pebbles would have been 15 on Valentine's Day. She was very infirm and had difficulty walking. Sometime in December she needed to be carried upstairs at night and downstairs in the morning everyday. She started having accidents in the house frequently and had to be kept in a pen in the studio to limit her movements. By late January, we knew that we would not have her much longer. Still, she often had that "sparkle" in her eye, making our decision more difficult. At the beginning of February she was having even more problems. Dr. Nancy Walters of the Occidental Veterinary Hospital kindly agreed to come out to the house to put her to sleep. Those of you that knew her and me knew what an integral part of my life and the studio's operation she was. Things seem very different for all of us now. Our other "girls", Sequoia and Pixel, seem out of sorts as well. Pixel (click on her name to see a page about her) is my studio dog now. She is different than Pebbles, but has been training with her for two years.

I want to remember the many fun times we had so I will be sharing stories of Pebbles below and adding to them over the next few weeks. You may be familiar with some of them, but others will be new.

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